As a landlord, you often face the challenge of upgrading your properties while managing costs. One common concern is whether to replace door locks, especially when new tenants move in or security needs to improve. This can be an expensive project, but some alternatives can save you money and keep your property secure. One such alternative is rekeying.

What is Rekeying?

Rekeying is a process where a locksmith changes the internal components of a lock, allowing it to be operated by a new key. This means you don’t need to buy new locks, making it a more affordable option. The locksmith replaces the tumblers or wafers inside the lock, reconfiguring it to work with a different key.

When to Choose Rekeying Over Replacing Locks

Rekeying is an excellent choice for several reasons:

Cost-Effective: Rekeying is much cheaper than replacing all the locks. You save money by not purchasing new hardware.

Flexibility: You can continue using the existing lock system, which can be convenient if you have high-quality locks already installed.

Preserve Aesthetics: Rekeying doesn’t affect the appearance of your doors or frames, helping you maintain the property’s look.

Quick Process: Rekeying is a straightforward task for a professional locksmith, saving you time.

Benefits of Rekeying

There are numerous benefits to rekeying your locks:

No Need for New Hardware: You can avoid the cost of buying new locks.

Maintains Security: Rekeying can ensure the same level of security, especially if your current locks are high quality.

Convenient: The old lock mechanism works just as well after rekeying, making it a practical solution.

Cost Savings: Rekeying is a great way to save money without compromising security.

When to Replace Locks

While rekeying is beneficial, there are situations where replacing locks might be necessary:

Old or Damaged Locks: If the locks are shaky, dated, or jiggly, it’s best to replace them to ensure security.

Advanced Security Needs: Some locks with advanced security features may not be suitable for rekeying and might need replacement.

Compromised Integrity: If the lock’s integrity is compromised, replacement is the safer option.

Consulting a Professional Locksmith in Durham

Before making a decision, it’s crucial to consult a licensed locksmith in Durham NC. They can provide a professional opinion on whether rekeying or replacing locks is the best option for your property. They will consider factors such as the lock type, age, and security features to recommend the most suitable solution.

For landlords in Durham, NC, rekeying is often a cost-effective and practical alternative to replacing locks. It saves money, maintains security, and preserves the aesthetic condition of your property. However, it’s essential to consult a professional locksmith to make an informed decision based on your specific needs. By understanding the benefits of rekeying and knowing when to replace locks, you can keep your property secure without charging too much.