Commercial Locksmith Raleigh, Durham, NC

Locksmith for your commercial needs in Durham, NC

If you are in need of an experienced and high quality commercial locksmith in Durham, NC, look no further than Magic Key Locksmith, we always inspire to achieve fast and efficient service, we will always let you know every step of the way, and transparency is one of our top priorities, we will do all that we can to offer our customers the best prices, regardless of your business’s size, businesses are very important from to us, whether you have a small or large business, no locksmith service is too great for us to handle, if your business requires specialty locks, then we can install and replace them without any problems, Magic Key Locksmiths make sure that businesses protect their hard earned assets, when deciding on new locks and doors for your business, warehouse, or school, we know how important it is to make sure that what is inside will remain secure, it is important to make sure you are in the best terms of safety regulations, our licensed professionals can help you make sure that these guidelines are followed and that your business is safe every day, including any emergencies that could occur.


    Your Store / Office Security Needs

    Magic Key Locksmith offer high quality security commercial locks are the best product we offer for businesses of all types, these special locks provide the best security needed compared to the old standard locks, the complete repair and installation package for all your commercial needs, from installing new locks to repairing old ones to undertaking deadbolt installations, and even chain lock installations, you can count on us to satisfy your lock, and key installation needs regardless of the complexity and extent of the job. it is home to a select breed of locksmith technicians who are experts at delivering the best quality, our team uses the top of the line equipment that combines with seasoned technical expertise to provide the best installations, we can provide the customized and reliable security solutions your business needs, contact our team today and learn more about our quality commercial hardware products and rates, our team of locksmith professionals gained years of experience serving commercial industry, at Magic Key Locksmith we are committed to serving the needs of our clients as our clients receive high-quality professional 24 hour mobile locksmith service based in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, & Surrounding areas whether your need is an emergency lockout or a well planned project our team of high quality experts can provide the resources and solutions you need to get the job done right, our track record for consistency, timely service, and subject matter expertise making insurmountable tasks possible to overcome, 24 Hour work schedule, licensed and insured technicians, affordable prices, swift work, lots of responsibility and lots of respect to our clients

    Affordable, quick and reliable Locksmith service

    You can trust our years of professional experience to provide the affordable, quick and reliable locksmith services you need! We offer a comfortable range of commercial locksmith sales and services.

    Magic Key Locksmith offer commercial services including:

    • Emergency Lockouts
    • High Security Locks
    • Locks Re-Keyed
    • Door Closers
    • Key Duplication
    • Master Key Systems
    • Safe Sales and Repair
    • Installations or Changes of Safe Combinations or Locks

    Best Commercial Locksmith in Raleigh-Durham, NC Services

    • Lockout services for business
    • Re keying
    • New lock installation
    • Disabling old keys & generating new keys
    • Changing combination for push button locks, Deadbolts, Lever handle locks, Master key system set up and service
    • Small format interchangeable core
    • Panic bar installation and repair
    • Access control lock ( Mechanical and electronic locks, push button locks )
    • Door closers
    • Commercial push button locks

    Choose the Right Lock for Your Commercial and Business Offices

    The exteriors of your commercial and business offices can be secured with a wide range of deadbolt locks in addition to an array of security systems as well as secure commercial metal doors. Your security needs will actually determine whether you need to use standard locks or heavy duty locks. Heavy-duty commercial deadbolts as well as locks provide the best security for commercial or office establishments. Locked out of your car or home? Call 984-279-1668

    Keeping in Mind Your Commercial or Office Security Needs

    Magic Key Locksmith provides the best commercial locksmith services  in Raleigh-Durham, NC so that you can leave your mind as ease. Securing your office or your commercial property is certainly a must. Knowing how to choose the safest locks for your needs can be quite a chore. You must also know how to get new keys for the locks in case you face issues with people you were sharing the keys with.

    Commercial lock safety and security is absolutely something any business or commercial venture needs to know a good deal about for locks on all their facilities from main entry points to locks for public restrooms. Any business owner will certainly need to safeguard their hard work by ensuring that the business is locked correctly or properly. Luckily, Magic Key Locksmith is the most reliable and affordable commercial locksmith service provider, offers high quality-low cost security solutions to make sure your business and office is completely secure.

    Locks and Security Systems In Raleigh-Durham, NC

    Designed by trusted commercial locksmiths Durham, NC for use range immensely in both price as well as design, in fact in even a rather greater range than residential locks. A good and safe example of lock suited for use in a commercial property or business is a Push Button Lock. This kind of lock allows you to program in a sequence of numbers to unlock the door.

    At Magic Key Locksmith in Raleigh-Durham, NC we offer just everything that you need to keep your office safe and business secure, including a range of commercial locksmith supplies that include electronic access control, mortise locks, master key systems, hinges, and key systems.

    An experienced Commercial Locksmith understands that it takes certified hardware and security systems to keep your business or office safe and secure. We are happy to work with several business owners in Raleigh-Durham, NC & Surrounding areas to develop the best plan for securing their business. Having a good and certified commercial locksmith technician on call can give you absolute peace of mind and also enable you to concentrate on other important aspects of running any business so that it flourishes by leaps and bounds.